Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

Our company shows its committed to ensure a safe and healthy environment within workplace and protecting the environment. We believe in holistic approach towards prevention rather than curation in terms of safety and protection to the environment which includes all work-related injuries, illnesses, property losses and adverse environmental impacts. To fulfil this commitment, our Company will:
⦁ Ensure that management accepts full responsibility for protecting workers and the environment if occurred from our project output.
⦁ Give health, safety and environmental considerations equal status with the Company’s other business objectives and integrate them into all aspects of our work.
⦁ Work actively to continuously improve health, safety and environmental performance.
⦁ Only start work after confirming that essential health, safety and environmental protection systems are in place, and willingly suspend activities if safety, health or the protection of the environment would be compromised.
⦁ Encourage supervisors and workers (employees and contractors) to be individually responsible for identifying and eliminating hazards, preventing injury to themselves and others, and preventing adverse environmental impacts.
⦁ Provide personnel with sufficient training, resources and systems.
⦁ Provide and maintain properly engineered facilities, plants and equipment.
⦁ Minimize waste generation, air emissions and other discharges from our activities to the environment.
⦁ Actively monitor, audit and review to improve systems, processes, health, safety and environmental performance.
⦁ As a minimum, ensure regulatory compliance at all times.
⦁ Hold contractors and third parties accountable for adhering to the Company’s health, safety and environmental policy and audit contractor systems and procedures to ensure satisfactory health, safety and environmental performance.
⦁ Hold supervisors accountable for ensuring and promoting a safe and healthful workplace and the protection of the environment within their areas of responsibility by ensuring that workers are knowledgeable and have access to:
        ⦁ publications of the latest applicable laws and regulations
        ⦁ health, safety and environment rules and safe work standards
        ⦁ operating and critical task procedures o emergency response procedures
        ⦁ environmental protection requirements
⦁ Hold workers at all levels accountable for being fit for work at the beginning and throughout their shifts and when on call.
⦁ Develop, implement and manage a system of accountability for health, safety and environment roles and responsibilities at all levels of the company. Inform employees and contractors of this policy, and make it available at all Company worksites. We firmly believe responsibility for application of this policy rests with management, employees and contractors associated with our Company.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy

This Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy Statement sets out the obligations on all consultants, associates or those working for an on behalf of Infrastructure Research and Design Atelier Pvt. Ltd.
It is expected that they will adhere to this Policy, and understand his or her role in keeping confidential all proprietary and sensitive information.
Why Confidentiality Is Important
Through our work with clients, our consultants or associates may be given privileged access to confidential or sensitive information. This information may be about the ways the client’s organisation works, future plans for products or services, or sensitive personnel or client data. In many cases it is only possible for us to work effectively with clients by internally exchanging confidential or sensitive information.
We take significant steps to safeguard this information, including the following:
• All our consultants and associates are given training on managing confidentiality throughout a client engagement.
• All our consultants and associates sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement detailing the need for confidentiality and the serious consequences of any breach

Security of Data
We have detailed data security procedures for the obtaining, storing and disposing of confidential or sensitive data. We understand that it is critical that we maintain the security of data received from our clients. All our consultants and associates operate within a framework of IT and operational security procedures which require secure login identification for using our IT systems:
• Each time our consultants or associates access a client’s data they are required to sign in using personalised password identification
• We limit access to information to only those consultants or associates needing that client’s data in order to be able to deliver their client’s work.
• We protect our own IT systems by ensuring that our IT systems operate behind a fire-wall and use encrypted storage of data.

Our consultants and associates, during their engagement and thereafter, will not:
• Disclose or publish any client information to any person other than those working for and on our behalf and then only where this is necessary for the continuance of their work with that client
• Use any client information for their own purposes or for any purpose other than that of the client
• Disclose any information of a confidential nature, which they may acquire or may have acquired in relation to the business or affairs of the client.
• Adhere to any known confidentiality arrangements as published and/or operated by the client.

Client’s Care Policy

We are committed to maintaining and improving our Client Care Policy. We aim to provide quality services to our clients by:
• Delivering all our services in a friendly, responsive and reliable way.
• Treating all clients with respect and courtesy.
• Providing a standard of service that meets our clients’ expectations.
• Endeavouring to provide a defect free service.
• Dealing with issues in a timely manner.
• Taking a problem-solving approach.
• Providing our clients with explanations of any actions to be taken.

In order to put this Client Care Policy into practice we will endeavour to:
• Deal with client requests, enquiries and concerns promptly.
• Treat and protect all clients’ information as confidential.
• Provide clients with accurate and relevant information and advice.
• Welcome clients’ views on our services.
• Consult regularly with our clients to ensure that our services remain appropriate and accessible.
• Treat any and all complaints seriously. Continually try to improve our service.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Corporate social responsibility is a type of international private business self-regulation and catching the same spirit IRDA will adopt following types of initiatives to deliberate our contribution towards our society:
• Corporate Philanthropy: Via Company donations to charity including financial AID/ Services.
• Community Volunteering: Via Company- organized Volunteer activities.
• Socially responsible business practices: via ethically produced company's project outcomes which appeal to a client's segment.
• Cause promotions and Activism: Via company- funded advocacy camoping.