Our Story


The Company Basics

Infrastructure Research and Design Atelier Pvt. Ltd. (IRDA) is a corporate professional research based Architectural and Engineering consulting firm which is founded on September 10 2018 A.D as per the company Act-2006 duly registered with the concerned Ministries and Departments of the Government of Nepal. The company has been established by group of young energetic & enthusiastic professionals who have been actively engaged in consulting profession since 2011. Presently, there are 6 full-time professionals and 4 support staff and Several seniors professional, administrative support staffs are working in the company as on contract basis. The company was founded with the aim while carrying out its work, has been innovation, use of modern techniques and completion of assigned works within the stipulated time-frame, while maintaining a high degree of quality.
With its comprehensive technical manpower and equipment, IRDA is extremely competent to undertake works in all aspects of Architectural & Engineering development, investigation, and research works. IRDA offers its service in pre-feasibility, feasibility, Valuation of Building and Land, Detail Project Studies and Report. Beside these works, IRDA also offers its services in project planning and management, investigation and identification of projects and various other Engineering related works. The basic idea behind the concept design of IRDA logo is contemporize form and abstract of Saraswoti yantra. Saraswoti is known as Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning.

Vision on Growth and Expansion

IRDA is brainchild of Aditya Parajuli, Laxman Gurung, Manisha Shakya and Sujan Shrestha who are all passionate about Design and Research. The four founders are friends, colleague since their higher studies and later came together and get motivated to establish a one of a kind of research design atelier in Nepal. Initially idea behind the establishment of (IRDA) was to work and do research on the architecture sector in order to give quality consulting service. Where as in the era of extreme development & globalization, developing country like Nepal has still somewhere stuck in, facing badly in poverty, illiteracy and unemployment due to these reason millions of youth are enforced to go abroad for their future. Although there are several reason behind this scenario and whatsoever may be the reason behind, a thought of self-responsibility, which inspire us to contribute to mitigate brain drain issues here in our country, by aiming to use our owned skill, labour and practicing entrepreneurship, we thought to establish this company and currently we keep practicing on our aim. IRDA is not only a corporate company but an effort to make a base platform where skilful youths after their higher studies could learn soulful healthy-ethical professional practice, do new innovation, research.
Contextually while keeping observation on the prospect of Building Construction trends in Nepal, General public are unknown of adopting professional approach to good design process in pre-construction phase, resilience building and good construction practice while building their accommodation. And the reason behind might be due to the ignorance, unconsciousness & illiteracy about how a good architectural practice could contribute in people’s quality life standard and their civilization. Based on the saying that “Home is made only once in life” which shall possess three most basic properties i.e. Utility, Durability and Beauty. While talking about these aspects in one side another side reality is sad, people from lower income class and middle-income class people don’t know the ideas about how, where and to whom they could approach for consulting their architectural solution. Behind this situation is that, currently architectural services are too expensive that people from very ordinary background couldn’t afford the cost and as well as architectural services are getting limited only in major urban hub i.e. not reaching to remote corner villages. In the sense responsible authority, concerned stakeholders and our own fraternity personnel are also somehow getting lost to spread awareness about the importance of good architecture and building practice. Keeping these issues in our mind, we are intended to giving our best of our effort to serve our consistent quality service to targeted group of people from different income status. Principally this is the very basic idea behind the establishment of IRDA.
The Company Name “Infrastructure Research and Design Atelier” itself meaning its name that it does not merely an institution that only works for Building & Architectural sectors. We have a long-term vision to get involved and expand our consulting services in various civil engineering and infrastructural sectors. When we realize practice of design and construction of other physical infrastructure are not satisfying at its best. Still the construction of very basic physical infrastructures is being carried out. But these developments are not being observed from the perspective of aesthetic dynamics while in their design. Not only the structural strength now it becomes more important to realize aesthetics factor while designing and building such physical infrastructures like Stadium, Bridges, Highways, Dam and Reservoirs, Industrial Plants etc. While giving the exemplified views, we could take “Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, United State”, “Tower Bridge London,England”, “Karnali Bridge at Chisapani, Nepal”, “Sidney Opera house”, “Beijing National Stadium known as Bird Nest at Beijing China” and others many more projects, which later become the living landmarks and centre for the attraction of many domestic and international tourist. These remarkable infrastructures are not only famous for its architectural dynamics but also income generating source to the people of its around via tourism. Developing country likes ours need to transform the views on construction of basic infrastructure from mainstream and conventional engineering practices into more innovative, dynamic and extreme engineering form by adopting modern latest technologies from the developed country. Competition on our innovation and creativity with other world will be only possible when we move one step forward from our comfort zone. To get involved into this, the very first requirement is our willingness and the strong determination which is the main inspiration for team IRDA to get enrolled into the engineering project.